The History of PFLAG

Jeanne and Morty 1972

The first annual meeting correction the first formal meeting of Pflag took place on March 26, 1973 in New York City organized by Jeanne Manford in support of her gay son, Morty. Since then, PFLAG chapters of sprung up across the country, becoming not just an organization for parents, but also for families, allies, and friends who support the LGBTQ people in their lives.

PFLAG is the first and largest organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people and their families.

PFLAG’s network of hundreds of chapters and more than 250,000 members and supporters works to create a caring, just, and affirming world for LGBTQ+ people and those who love them.

Come help us write the next chapter in the civil rights movement!

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